What you need to know about Dr. KERN

Chronicle and

1956 - The physicist Dr. Josef core begins with the research and development and production of sunlamps, facial tanners, quartz infrared heaters, air-ozone converters and UV lamps for treatment and analysis purposes. 1969 - Foundation of the company Dr. Kern in Germany. 1970 - Developing of the first solarium with high-pressure tanning technology. 1971 - Sale of Dr. KERN to the Heraeus Group.

Success Story

1976 - Introduction of Sunbeds and in low pressure technology.1981 - Sale of Dr. KERN at Electrolux Group. 1984 - Acquisition (and subsequent integration) of Maspo, specialist in the field of health, fitness, care and massage. 1989 - Sales at EOS-Werke Günther GmbH (later EOS Sauna Technik GmbH). 2015 - Sale to Alpha Industries, Hasselt (Belgium), wellness specialist.

Dr. Kern

Dr. Kern is now part of the global leader in the field of wellness technology company Alpha Industries. The Dr. KERN brand completes its portfolio with sauna, infrared cabins, steam cabins, solariums and garden furniture. Much attention is paid to innovative technology and exceptional design.